How To Apply">How To Apply


  1. Click on the reference code from the list below pertaining to the position you are applying for. (Codes are indicated with each position on the Vacancies page. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the position, and that you comply with the minimum requirements before proceeding)
  2. Download the CV template linked to the reference code, and save to your computer as” your name – reference code” i.e “Joe Soap – CCL-AW”
  3. Complete the front page questionnaire and CV with your particulars as formatted.
  4. Email the completed questionnaire and CV in WORD format, as well as a recent, smart, full length photo of yourself (in other words not a bathroom-selfie!) to: with your name and reference code (as illustrated in point 2) stated in the subject line of the email.
  5. All CCL applicants MUST complete the following assessment online: (Copy and paste the URL link into your web browser)

Reference codes:

Take note!

  • CVS received that do not have reference codes and photos will be rejected automatically.
  • You may only apply for a maximum of two positions and clearly indicate this in the front page questionnaire.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your CV within 48 hours (barring over weekends). If no response received within this time,  please re-send your CV. (You do not have to phone to check if we have received it)
  • Do NOT resign from your job. We will give you written consent when the time is right.
  • You may only apply for the specific positions we advertise. If the vacancy you are looking for is not listed, it means we do not recruit for it, and you will need to approach other hiring companies for assistance. We unfortunately cannot assist vague applicants who “are willing to do anything” to work on board a cruise ship.
  • Remember, there is no guarantee for any 2 persons applying together, that they will be placed on the same vessel or even work for the same company.
  • Ex crew members who breached their previous contracts (i.e. left early or were dismissed) may not re-apply, regardless if it was for a different company.
  • Management always reserves the right to be as selective as necessary, and their hiring decision is final.

Younger than 21?

For applicants younger than 21 who wish to work abroad, we suggest you contact one of the following agencies who specialize in student gap year opportunities like youth camps, backpackers, kibbutz etc.:


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